1. Relax!
The day of the shoot, from the moment your child wakes up, remain relaxed. Don't rush around. That causes stress and stress causes anxiety and anxiety causes nervous and cranky kids. Just call me if you need more time, if your baby needs more sleep, more food, more... anything! I'm flexible. I've been there before, believe me!
2. Remain positive!
Telling your child that if he doesn't smile, you won't buy him that video he wanted, won't make him smile. It'll make him sad and sad is... well... sad. If you want smiles, we'll try to get a natural smile from him. Those are the best!
3. No need to force anything.
Chances are, if you ask your toddler to do a certain something, they'll do the opposite. Don't worry. I let them explore and be themselves. If we want a certain pose, I'll try to make it happen without them realizing it. I'm tricky like that.
4. Wear clothes that are timeless.
Plain clothes that don't take away from the subject, are good. Newborns are great in their birthday suits or plain onesies. Denim, solid colors, overalls and your favorite outfits are the best.
5. Get in the photo!
I always encourage that! I really don't like being photographed but I certainly do love the photo I have of my newborn and me and I'll love it even more 30 years from now, when gravity starts to take it's toll... ok, maybe 20 years from now... ok, ok, 15 years from now.... But that's as low as I'm going!
6. Communicate with me
If you absolutely must have a photo of your baby in a pumpkin, I'll do it! If you are looking for a certain shot, let me know. I aim to please!
7. Pick the best time for your baby.
Usually after a good nap and feeding. This goes for kids of all ages! I always feel better after my nap and feeding.